It is well known that forestry work presents multiple challenges, but the real challenge lies in anticipating these risks and adopting preventive measures that really make a difference. Industrias Guerra has been present in the Galician mountains for more than 70 years, which makes it a direct witness to the needs and advances of the sector in matters related to worker safety.

At Industrias Guerra, it is understood that safety cannot be a simple regulatory compliance; it must be a culture rooted in all aspects of their work. For this reason, the company went further in the safety of its machines and achieved CE certification in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 11850 standard in its Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS).

This is a pioneering certification in the sector at the national level, for which detailed analyses and evaluations of the EPC-03 model were carried out, using the PamCrash software. This solution proved that the structure can withstand the fall of a blunt object from a sufficient height to withstand an energy of 11600J, following the process indicated in the ISO 8083:2006 and UNE-EN ISO 3449:2008 standards.

For the frontal test, they rotated the FOPS so that the impact surface was perpendicular to the standardized test object, following the indications of the harmonized standards indicated in the upper protection test. Although these standards require an impact energy of 5800 J, they decided to evaluate the structure for an energy of 11600 J, thus doubling the requirement and ensuring optimal protection in extreme conditions.

The importance of anticipating the future

Forestry work requires machinery that is not only efficient, but also safe against the inherent risks of the environment. The conditions of the Galician mountain, with its complex orography and constant climatic changes, require that the equipment be prepared to withstand impacts and adverse conditions without compromising the safety of the operators. Certifications, such as UNE-EN ISO 11850, are not just papers; they are a reflection of the dedication to technical excellence and the protection of workers. A certified machine is a machine that can be fully trusted, and this is vital in a sector where the margin of error can be minimal and the consequences, serious.

In addition to complying with current regulations, at Industrias Guerra they are anticipating market trends and future demands of the forestry sector. They observed that the approval and certification of machinery could become an essential requirement to access certain economic aids for the acquisition of forestry machinery. With this in mind, they work hard to ensure that their machines not only comply with current regulations, but are also prepared for the most demanding standards that may be taken into account in the near future.