Industrias Guerra has become a member of ASORA, the Argentine Association of Manufacturers and Representatives of Machinery, Equipment, and Tools for the Wood Industry. This membership marks another step in the company’s consolidation as a key player in Argentina and Latin America’s forestry market

The synergy between Industrias Guerra and ASORA means a new phase in the company’s international trajectory. Based in Buenos Aires for over 30 years, it offers significant opportunities for continued growth and value creation in the timber sector, collaborating with over 50 companies from different involved industries. 

In this way, they will tackle common challenges and seek innovative solutions that drive modernization and efficiency in the sector. The association is also committed to developing initiatives that promote responsible management of natural resources, specialized talent development, and research and development of new technologies. 

Presence in Latin America for over three decades 

With over seventy years of experience, Industrias Guerra stands out as a reference in designing, manufacturing, and marketing high-quality forestry machinery. Its dedication to excellence and constant innovation has positioned it as a leading multinational company in Latin America and other international markets. 

In addition to its notable participation in the Argentine market, Industrias Guerra has successfully expanded all over the world. Joining ASORA reinforces its commitment to sustainable sectoral growth and solidifies its position as a key strategic partner for the development of the forestry industry in the region.