The Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism has announced that Industrias Guerra is one of the companies benefiting from the Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTE), aimed to revitalizing and modernizing the Spanish naval industry.

Thanks to the awardings from this initiative, 14 projects from 8 companies in the naval sector of the province of Pontevedra will receive subsidies totaling 4.05 million euros, aimed at boosting the competitiveness and sustainable growth of this industry. The two main flagship projects will be those promoted by Navantia-Pymar, aimed to the shipbuilding ecosystem, and by Tecnaval, aimed to the entire production chain with the leadership of the Technological Center of Medium and Small Shipyards (Soermar).

In this latter project, Industrias Guerra will receive a financial amount of 469,995 euros. This grant will promote the implementation of new technologies in its operations, strengthen its competitiveness, and create jobs. Víctor Pintos, the CEO of the company, stated that “the funds from the Naval PERTE provide us with the opportunity not only to improve our operations but also to have a positive impact on our area of influence. We are committed to using these resources efficiently and strategically to continue growing and strengthening our role in the naval market”.

The main beneficiaries of the aid in the province will be Nodosa and Willbö, with more than 2.6 million euros, joined by Astilleros Ría de Vigo, Revertia, AIRE-VR Meifus, Freire, and San Enrique, which will receive the amount allocated to Pontevedra.

The Naval PERTE aims to generate more than 3,000 jobs throughout Spain.

The Government Delegate in Pontevedra, Abel Losada, stated that “the objective of the PERTE is also to improve the working conditions of this key sector in the province. It is essential to advance in quality, training, and digitalization to achieve greater modernization in shipbuilding,” added Losada.

In total, the Naval PERTE has allocated 81 million euros to more than 107 Spanish companies, including Industrias Guerra, with the aim of increasing their competitiveness by 15% and achieving an annual growth of 9%.

It is expected that these investments will generate around 3,100 quality jobs, especially in peripheral regions, thus contributing to addressing the demographic challenge facing the country.