The challenging conditions experienced at sea raise the level of demand for projects intended for that environment, both in terms of durability and quality, as well as to provide the highest possible safety for the professionals who will be using the machinery. In response to this, Windcat has placed their trust in the marine cranes from Industrias Guerra for years.

Windcat, a renowned company in crew transfer to offshore wind farms, is characterized by its strong commitment to innovation and the implementation of cutting-edge technology in its fleet of more than 50 vessels. Innovation is a constant in their trajectory, which is why they recently introduced the first vessel designed for human transportation powered by hydrogen, the Hydrocat 48.

This revolutionary project by Windcat has also been a major milestone for Industrias Guerra, as this pioneering vessel features custom-made cranes from the company. This tailor-made machinery stands out for its robust design and exceptional lifting capacity, which has significantly improved operational efficiency and safety in crew transfers in the most challenging marine environments.

Furthermore, Industrias Guerra’s more than 70-year history, as well as its design and manufacturing capabilities, position the company’s machinery as an international benchmark in versatility, corrosion resistance, and robustness. Allowing for comfortable and safe professional development at sea.

“Collaborating on the project with Windcat on the Hydrocat 48 has been very exciting. We put into practice our extensive experience in customized machinery to ensure quality and safety requirements. We innovate to improve maritime transportation of people and raise standards in offshore operations,” says Ricardo Sánchez, Sales Director of Industrias Guerra.

The Hydrocat 48 by Windcat, awarded at the OSJ Awards 2023

In 2023, the Offshore Support Journal magazine awarded the Ship of the Year to the Hydrocat 48, thanks to its innovative design and efficient performance. Windcat based the development of this new vessel model on improving their previous combustion method by incorporating the hydrogen injection system.

The combination of Windcat’s experience in crew transportation with Industrias Guerra’s advanced technology has laid the groundwork for a higher standard in offshore operations, acting sustainably and being key to the generation of green energy in offshore wind farms, thus contributing to building a more environmentally friendly future.