Industrias Guerra continues its commitment to internationalize its products with the inauguration of a new branch in Argentina, located in the town of Gobernador Virasoro, province of Corrientes. From there, it will drive the commercialization of forestry solutions and technical consultancy throughout Latin America, a practice it has been conducting at its headquarters in Buenos Aires for over 30 years. 

The second branch of Industrias Guerra in Argentina is located in one of the regions with the greatest industrial potential in the country. Its opening solidifies the strategy of the Galician company, aiming to efficiently meet the high demand of forestry machinery in the area, while also strengthening its presence in Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, and making inroads into Brazil. 

The inauguration event of the new headquarters in Gobernador Virasoro was attended by Víctor Pintos, CEO of Industrias Guerra; Carina Tuñas, Director of Industrias Guerra Argentina; Román Sánchez, representative of the board of shareholders; and Brais Alonso, Director of Forest Business Development. They acted as hosts during a day that included machinery demonstrations and other activities, with over 80 guests from various Latin American countries. 

“We see the opening of this branch in Gobernador Virasoro as a milestone in the history of Industrias Guerra“, stated Víctor Pintos. “This delegation will allow us to venture further into the territory to consolidate and enrich our relationship with the Argentine forestry sector. We aspire for our machinery to continue being a benchmark for those who demand high-performance technology in service of an increasingly modern forestry industry.” 

Carina Tuñas, on her part, declared, “Currently, the company holds a solid position in the Argentine market, with over 700 operational forestry solutions. Our vision is to take our advanced technology to every corner of the country, thus contributing to job creation in all provinces and the development of a key sector for the Argentine economy.” 

This expansion marks a significant chapter in the trajectory of Industrias Guerra, whose vision and commitment to excellence in the forestry sector have been fundamental pillars of its success for over three decades in Argentina. The company now positions itself as a key player in the sustainable development of the region, solidifying its reputation as a reference point in the Latin American industry.