Industrias Guerra expands its wide range of marine cranes with the introduction of the new MK1600L series, designed to facilitate shipboard and offshore operations with its articulated and telescopic boom that extends up to 22.3 meters, making it the largest crane of the company.

The MK1600L crane series stands out for its versatility, featuring 5 models, with slewing angles ranging from 16.5º to unlimited slewing, and a maximum lifting capacity of 1087.3 to 1281.6 kNm. Its robustness ensures efficiency and high performance in demanding conditions and environments.

Following the trend of other products supplied by Industrias Guerra, this new series meets high standards of quality and durability, incorporates user-friendly features, and offers a range of options for customization. The crane and with all its components are designed for a long lifespan for recycling when it can no longer be repaired.

Check out the brochure for the new MK1600L marine crane from Industrias Guerra here