Industrias Guerra expands its catalog of forestry solutions. Specifically designed for medium-sized timber and thinning operations, the IGSA TCD490 feller is here to meet the needs of companies in the forestry sector seeking increased productivity and significant cost reduction. 

With a maximum cutting diameter of 50 centimeters, the new felling head from Industrias Guerra offers significant advantages. Apart from being more cost-effective compared to other disc-based solutions, it allows for reduced fuel consumption, and lower time and maintenance costs for the head and its accessories. 

The IGSA TCD490 product is an ideal solution to facilitate felling operations and ensure great performance in wood harvesting applications for cellulose and biomass. Weighing 1,400 kilograms and designed to work on wheeled and tracked machines with a minimum weight of 15 tons, it can adapt to both hardwoods and conifer plantations. 

Felling heads designed and manufactured by Industrias Guerra 

Designed and entirely manufactured at the Industrias Guerra facilities, the new product complements other solutions already offered by the Spanish company in its range of felling heads: IGSA TC600 (60 cm maximum cutting diameter and 2,500 kg weight), IGSA TC700 (70 cm and 2,830 kg), and IGSA TC.800 (80 cm and 3,900 kg). 

With over seven decades of experience in manufacturing machinery and technology for the modern forestry sector, Industrias Guerra’s felling heads are built to provide robustness, safety, and efficiency even under the most demanding conditions. These solutions optimize work time, minimize downtime, and enable easy day-to-day maintenance. 

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